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I Never Thought To Think Of This Before

but now that you mention it: Can a Jedi Light Saber Cut through Superman?
good thing Yahoo! Answers-Malaysia has an answer:

Short answer: No.

A Jedi lightsaber is plasma contained in a magnetic field. Plasma is basically the form of matter which stars are made of. Pre-Crisis Superman has flown through the heart of a star without being harmed. Therefore, he is immune to plasma.

Post-Crisis Superman was not as invulnerable, e.g. a nuclear explosion would weaken him. Assuming a lightsaber contains power similar to a nuclear explosion, it could similarly disrupt his invulnerability during impact. See FORCE OF IMPACT below.

Superman receives his power from the radiation of our yellow sun, and is weakened when exposed to radiation from a red sun. It is possible that a sith lightsaber, being red, might have similar properties.

Even so, Superboy Prime was defeated after being plunged through Krypton's red sun - which weakened him, but did not destroy him. Therefore, a red lightsaber which hypothetically had the same properties as a red star should have a similar effect, i.e. it would injure him, but not "cut" him, much less cut through him.

If Superman were rendered vulnerable by a lightsaber, it would likely create a momentary weakness in that spot, allowing the physical impact to cause damage. However, lightsaber blades, being made of plasma, presumably have a very small mass. Therefore, the force of the impact would be negligible.

In short, hitting Superman with a red lightsaber is like hitting a normal human with a wet noodle.

(the respondent's source)
Though there is some disagree on this point:
  • This question is interesting, I do not think a lightsaber will be able to cut though Superman. Then again I could be wrong. I like what the first guy said, it had something to do with lasers or whatever it is that they are made out of. That stuff probably couldn't cut though the man of steel. As for Jedi Mind tricks, I doubt Superman is weak minded, so that is probably a no. They will not work on him.
  • Lightsaber CANNOT cut through Superman.Most people think that lightsabers that is powered up by Kryptonite could cut Superman. The truth is they don't know that lightsabers were powered by crystals,while Kryptonite is a kind of metal.(Even Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster made a comic book called."The K-metal from Krypton") Both magic and kryptonite are not a guaranteed win. That's like saying anyone with blues music can beat the Hulk since it will relax him.
  • Superman's invulnerability is well established, and I know of comic book stories where he survives a nuclear bomb, and flies through the heart of a star; a lightsaber seems underwhelming in comparison. A lightsaber beam would have as much effect on Superman as a beam from a flashlight would have on you or I.
  • Yes a lightsaber can cut through superman. Superman was impervious to earth weapons but a lightsaber was not created on earth so i will say that it can cut him. But if we want to get all technical i dont think this question could have an answer as neither are from the same universe. Each of the characters universes have their own rules and physics. Also an important aspect would be the location of this fight. Superman got his powers from the yellow sun so if they are some place where there is no sun then superman would just be a regular dude and the jedi would have no problem cuttin' him down.
  • I would say yes, under the following conditions:
    • 1) Superman has been weakened somehow - several planets in the SWG orbit red suns, for example.
    • 2) If the lightsaber being used mimics the power of a red sun on Supes (only an evil Sith would try and cut Superman, and they all use red lightsabers, right?)
    • 3) If the wielder of the saber was using Force powers to augment the attack, AND SWG Force powers were close enough in property to DCU "magic" to effect Superman in the same way.
    • 4) If Superman stood still for a very, very long time, and the saber wielder was very patient.
    • Otherwise, I'm guessing it would only superficially wound him, though it would do so more than any normal Earth weapon could
  • a light saber is not a laser...everybody knows that... it all depends on what kind of light waves are coming out of the the light saber. if the light waveforms are similar propertiesto a white sun, it would only make superman stronger, but if its similar to the red sun, it would definitely kill him, because then it would be like kryptonite
  • Can a lightsaber cut through superman? Only under special circumstances. From what I know about Supe's invulnerability is that it's like a close "forcefield" around him. It gets weakened when exposed to kryptonite, denied energy from Earth's yellow sun for an extended amount of time, and I believe it can also be shut down by magic (Zatana can totally kick his *** ;D ). Lightsabers I believe can be stopped by magnetic forcefields - like the kind that contains the plasma of other lightsabers. If supes has a "forcefield" around him, the lightsaber would not cut him. If you weakened that force field, it probably would, but it would be really difficult. Superman would be able to completely be able to fight back and slap the jedi or sith around like a red-headed step child. But the Jedi would have other abilities at his disposal to help him cut superman. If you did trick out a lightsaber with red sun plasma, then Superman would probably be in for a moment of hurt...and feeling the kryptonite sickness. Wether or not a sith lightsaber is red sun plasma is debatable. You could probably build one though. Also superman would be very busy trying to beat the jedi down. Even weakened, he's no pushover. It would come down to who acted first. Jedi can see the future, so would have a good shot at being prepared for supes with knowledge and reflexes. Superman would also be susceptible to force powers like the jedi mind trick and telekinetic force powers. Jedi can also dampen energy attacks and stop blaster fire (possibly like his eye beams). Superman does have a strong will, so it would take someone who was really good with mind powers(like yoda or palpatine) to do it. It would take a highly trained and/ or specialized jedi to fight Superman without preparing for it in any case. If Superman were up against several jedi, then you would have real shot of cutting him with a lightsaber. So, can a Jedi lightsaber cut through Superman? Possible, but not likely.

My conclusion? There are a lot of people at there who have waaay more time on their hands than me

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