Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"I Can't Stand Those Useless Fools-EMI"

“they only did it cause of fame”
From Strange Glue comes another reason I hate corporations

Poor Radiohead. Ever intelligent to come up with new ways to startle the music industry, to turn it up on its head and managing to embarrass their former label EMI in the process.

Yet EMI will fight back the traditional way this summer, striking the cash piñata that is Radiohead’s back catalogue, by releasing a “Greatest Hits” album, something the band say they are powerless to stop.

Ed O’Brien recently interviewed by the Canadian music press said that “They’re [EMI] planning to do a greatest hits for April or May to coincide with our tour, that’s an interesting one. We won’t be doing any promotion for that, obviously.”

The news comes swiftly on the heels of new EMI boss Guy Hands stated policy, to start using the back catalogue of their artists to beef up profits. Something that was quite apparent when EMI released the seven disc Radiohead boxset at the same time as the band unveiled ‘In Rainbows’.

Quite whether EMI will go the whole hog and get the album sponsored as they’ve been reflecting upon recently remains to be seen.

EMI-The Sex Pistols were right about you even 30 years on

an unlimited supply
and there is no reason why
i tell you it was all a frame
they only did it 'cos of fame
e.m.i. e.m.i. e.m.i.
too many people had the suss
too many people support us
an unlimited amount
too many outlets in and out
e.m.i. e.m.i. e.m.i.
and sir and friends are crucified
a day they wish that we had died
we are an addition we are rivaled by none
never ever never
and you thought that we were faking
that we were all just money making
you do not believe we're for real
or you would lose your cheap appeal?
oh don't you judge a book just by the cover
unless you cover just another
and blind acceptance is a sign
of stupid fools who stand in line
e.m.i. e.m.i. e.m.i.
unlimited edition
with an unlimited supply
that was the only reason
we all had to say goodbye
unlimited supply e.m.i.
there is no reason why e.m.i.
i tell you it was all a frame e.m.i.
they only did it 'cos of fame e.m.i.
i do not need the pressure e.m.i.
i can't stand those useless fools e.m.i.
unlimited supply e.m.i.
hallo e.m.i. goodbye a & m

Sex Pistols- EMI [download]

You really don’t want to piss off a band who’s fan base is so rabid and obsessive for a few bucks selling a greatest hits collection that most any true fan wouldn’t need because they already have the full catalog, plus concert bootlegs, plus unreleased b-sides. And I don’t know any Radiohead fan who would buy something that the band is so against. Making people mad because of your greed with no real profit to be gained from it.This is why the record companies are all dying

unlimited edition
with an unlimited supply
that was the only reason
we all had to say goodbye

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