Sunday, February 17, 2008

Crank Dat Dwight

(I’m not sure what “crankin” is but it probably fits)
Remember when it was predicted that if Dwight Howard were to lob the basketball bounce it off the backboard with his left hand and dunk it with his right that he would win?
Well that dunk did get thrown down and the prediction was correct but as I’m sure you know if you care the dunk that won it for him was when he donned a Superman costume and actually seemed to fly so high that he could throw down the dunk with intense force (though to be nitpicky is it actually a dunk if you don’t touch the rim)

I didn’t see the contest last night but I dvr’d it and to be honest I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun watching like a “skill contest” I mean I was actually laughing out loud at some of the stunts, like the whole birthday cake thing, which was just so unique and enjoying it so much that the guy I was with got a big kick out of it just by enjoying my enjoyment (and the fact I usually don’t laugh that much without the aid of some substance)
Here’s the contest in case you didn’t see it
Part 1

Round 2 (the Superman Dunk is at about 7:23)

and the Finals

A few thoughts:

  • when Gerald Green dunked in his socks I know that that;s physically hard to do but following the “lob the basketball bounce it off the backboard with his left hand and dunk it with his right dunk” which was just so big and in Kenny’s Top 5 dunks it was like why bother (and when Magic said something like “why did he do the same dunk?” and someone noticed that Daryl Dawkins had knocked Green’s shoes off the table in seeming contempt I was dying)
  • The reason Gerald Green lost was because he had Rashad McCants help him and Rashad is just all around horrible
  • Dr. J with his grey hair and beard looked so distinguished I kind of wished he could be our first black president
  • Does Magic eat other HIV + people? Is that what keeps him healthy? because not only does he look incredibly healthy but he’s just so huge my mom calls him fat
  • the fan voting was a good idea but next time they need to learn how to fill those five minutes better- maybe have somebody perform or something but after Dwight’s dunks and in the interval until he was officially the winner there was like a commercial and a noticeable draining of energy and excitement. Just something to work on.
  • that may have been the dunk contest to end all dunk contests but it definitely won't be the last, sorry Scoop
  • And finally how in the world is anyone going to be able to top this for next year’s contest? I can't wait to see them try

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