Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Brawling Rooneys

Sounds like a great name for something, a tv show or band, or just an offensive stereotype, either way…

(Wayne Rooney covered in the blood of his 3rd cousin, once removed, after a particularly spirited Family Board Game Night)

I love this story from the Mail just because it fits that title The Brawling Rooneys so well
And plus it fights my image of Wayne Rooney as like a British bulldog or a boxer. He looks like one, like he would get drunk in a pub and start a row…kinda like Russell Crowe on South Park

Anyway here’s the story from the Daily Mail (which is my new obsession)

The news comes after Coleen reportedly refused to invite [Wayne Rooney] the England striker's extended family to attend her big day.

The only members of Rooney's clan that Coleen is allowing to attend the ceremony this summer are his parents and two brothers, but the decision has caused massive family tension.

Coleen, 21, is understood to be anxious there is no repeat of scenes at her 18th birthday party, when police were called out after an unseemly brawl broke out between family members.

Manchester United forward Rooney, 22, later claimed that members of his family had got involved in an argument with several of the bouncers.
And Wayne Rooney has a transvestite cousin?! This is too fabulous

Mr Rooney's two children, Wayne's cousins Natalie and Stephen, are also waiting for an invite.

Telephonist and aspiring glamour model Natalie, 18, caused a stir when she flashed a breast at Coleen's 21st birthday last year and then threatened to strip entirely at the nuptials.

She said at the time: “I'll do the Full Monty if I get an invite to their wedding next year! Coleen will probably be fuming about it but I don't care - it was just a bit of a laugh.”

She then insulted the future Mrs Rooney when she told a national newspaper she should have breast surgery to improve her shape. [Ed. Note Like Natalie who wants to get 34FF implants!]

Her 23-year-old brother Stephen, who is a gay transvestite, is equally outgoing. He is reported to have offered his services as a bridesmaid but has found out that he won't be attending either.

Soo saucy! That would've been the best wedding ever- transvestism and drunken brawling- it's like the English national pastimes.
Ah the British, so much more refined than us.

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