Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Coach K Sued!

and with just cause I must say. I'm certain Mike Nifong would take this case, if he could.

Filed in the US District Court Western District of Virginia at Roanoke
Jonathan Lee Riches; John Chaney
Mike Krzyzewski
Duke Blue Devils Basketball team

I have no pillow and a hard mattress in solitary so my neck hurts and defendants won’t help me with my back pain; this is a civil rights violation. I seek $13.7 million and a blanket cause I’m freezing
Temporary restraining order
Respectfully submitted- Jonathan Lee Riches

Hmm, John Chaney's been getting into trouble since he retired.
But it's seriously good to know that UNC grads are out there, exercising their constitutional rights and can mail a letter.

You can read and see the pdf file here.
from Duke Basketball Report
(and is it screwed up that this guy can spell K's last name better than I can?)

[UPDATE- and it seems like our Johnny Lee Riches is quite infamous. And clever..or crazy.Probably crazy; naughty boy forgot his meds]

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