Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cut Off Florida

Florida is totally America’s wang

From USA Today comes the latest chapter in ongoing embarrassment that is the state that brought us bush

Fla. educators to teach evolution as theory, not settled fact

Students in Florida must be taught that evolution is a theory and not a settled fact, according to standards that the State Board of Education just approved in Tallahasee.

"A panel of 68 experts, heavy with science teachers and scientists, drew up detailed, age-specific standards that described evolution as the basic 'concept underlying all of biology.' The standards said evolution was supported by 'multiple forms of scientific evidence,'" The News-Press, a fellow Gannett paper, says. "In a series of public hearings, several conservative religious leaders and parents objected to evolution being 'the' accepted standard. The compromise language approved today cites 'the scientific theory of evolution,' making it officially a theory rather than a settled fact."

The Palm Beach Post story
Science teachers in Florida public schools will be required to teach evolution for the first time after the state Board of Education agreed to adopt new curriculum standards this morning by a 4-3 vote.

The divided vote came as board members argued over an eleventh-hour amendment that requires the standards to refer to the "scientific theory of evolution" instead of "evolution.

The amendment, which supporters refer to as the "academic freedom proposal," was unveiled late Friday. Education Commissioner Eric Smith recommended the amendment, which won praise from religious groups and conservative lawmakers.

Board members Linda Taylor, T. Willard Fair, Kathleen Shanahan and Phoebe Raulerson approved the new standards with the amendment. Member Roberto Martinez, Akshay Desai and Donna Callaway opposed the change.

The state board spent a year deliberating the first changes at five public hearings around the state before the meeting this morning in the state Capitol.

The changes were hailed as a victory by parents, educators and lawmakers who insisted that evolution was far from an iron-clad fact and deserved critical analyses in the classroom.

"There are many unanswered questions about the origin of life," said state Rep. Marti Coley, a Marianna Republican who said last week she would push a bill that would require evolution be taught as a "theory."

A year debating and this is the compromise?
Like there are no questions about creationism? Here’s one- if G*d existed before all creation in the void where did G*d come from- who created her?
What questions are left about evolution? Doesn’t she watch the Simpsons?

Questions solved.

If Florida is America’s wang then it’s about time to
Give America a penectomy

Just snip snip chop and let it float away...

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