Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Yoinked Out of The Closet

so remember Jason Rae, that 21 year old college kid from Marquette who also happens to be a superdelegate?
Remember how he's gay and it seemed like that was common knowledge?
Yeah, well about that...apparently in an interview with The Advocate Jason said that "I have not yet come out to my parents…I’ve been waiting for the right moment, and now just might happen to be that right moment."
Yeah it probably is a good time after bloggers like me (with a huge assist from the Big Lead) did that whole outing thing, reporting what we thought was no secret and as I'm sure proud parents would do yours probably scoured the internet for news.
Whoopsie- Sorry about that.
But I'm sure they already knew, even if they haven't said anything, I mean he did work at the Victory Fund, which after a minimal amount of googling you can learn is a group that "Provides financial and campaign support to gay and lesbian political candidates", oh and Gay and Lesbian is in its title. They've just been waiting for you
and also not to be stereotypical or whatever but as soon as I heard you talk in this video

my gaydar started shooting rainbows and playing Scissor Sisters...I'm just saying

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