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Where's The Justice for Gingers?

My lovely Theresa has had this Gawker article up as her G-mail status for the past couple really touched me.
It's entitled "How Bigoted New Yorker Magazine Hates Redheads"

Gingerism" is discrimination against redheads, and passes for racism in sissy England, where they are very gravely concerned because some coppertop got stabbed in the back there once or something. Here in America, where people have better things to worry about, New York magazine brazenly attacked the flame-haired children of the city in its Feb. 10 issue. Its cover story on "Why Kids Lie" was illustrated with pictures of four children; fully three were gingers, since we all know blueys are notoriously poorly behaved. After the jump, thoughts from a torch terrified at New York's campaign of hate. Also, a terrible joke about lava heads from the BBC. Finally, a list of carrot-top slurs. To avoid, of course.

Writes our tipster, whose name we are withholding for his own protection:

Its not just the Redhead on the cover; of the four pictures of children used for
the article, only ONE of them ISNT a redhead. As a ginger myself, I'm
just not sure what to think. Yes, its true, I like to torture small
animals, start forest fires, and shove snowsuit-bound children into
snowbanks while wearing coonskin hats, but equating redheadedness to
being a liar is crossing the line.

An raging anti-ginger joke courtesy of the BBC:

Here's a joke. "What's the difference between a terrorist and a redhead?"
Here's the punchline. "You can negotiate with a terrorist."

Finally, words for redheads. Some of the more ridiculous:

Agent Orange.
'Ang Mo'. This means 'red devil' in Chinese. I lived in Singapore for several years and every time I would go out any where, some original individual would shout out 'Eh, Ang Mo!' The words are emblazoned in memory.
Burning Bush.
Cheeto crotch.
Groundskeeper Willie.
Lava head.
Red Man Walking.
Ronald McDonald.
Trusty Rusty.
Volcano Head
Woody Woodpecker

Anti-ginger sentiment seems to be far worse in England (I guess because they don't have enough minorities to persecute) as can be seen with the case of a family who were run out of their house because of persistent anti-ginger harassment

A family of six have fled two homes after enduring a vicious hate campaign, apparently prompted by the colour of their hair.

Kevin and Barbara Chapman say that anti-ginger prejudice has led to their property being vandalised and their four youngest children being subjected to a litany of cruel taunts, verbal abuse and bullying.

The Chapmans and their children, who are from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, have a blaze of red hair which, they claim, has reduced them to living like fugitives in the city. Their plight carries uncomfortable echoes of the Catherine Tate sketch in which a group of ginger-haired outcasts find safety in a refuge after being ostractised by society.

Another victim of hair-colour prejudice, the Premiership footballer Dave Kitson, of Reading, claimed two years ago that fans who made fun of his red hair were as bad as racists.

This year, David Cameron, the Conservative leader, dismissed his homeland security spokesman after a race-row scandal. Patrick Mercer, a former Army colonel, had said that soldiers with red hair were given a “far harder time” than blacks and that comments like “Come on you black bastard” and “Come on you ginger bastard” were “the way it is in the Army”.

The Chapmans – who have nine children, with only the four youngest living at home – appear unable to find sanctuary anywhere Newcastle. At each new home – three in the past three years – their windows have been smashed, graffiti has been sprayed on their walls and the children, aged between 10 and 13, have been physically attacked.

Mr Chapman, 49, has reported several incidents to the police and – after the slogan “Ginger Is Gay” [Ed. Note: Really? That may be the peak of immaturity, and laziness to be honest] was daubed on their home this week – is in discussion with council housing officers over another move.

He says that the taunts of neighbours, adults and children, have become so bad that his 11-year-old son, also called Kevin, contemplated suicide. Last week the boy was assaulted by a girl in the street who punched him several times and left him with a black eye.

“Kevin’s never even seen a life yet and he’s been driven to this. The abuse we have to endure is just disgusting,” Mr Chapman said.

“It started more than three years ago, when the kids started getting bullied by local lads over the colour of their hair. They’ve been punched, kicked and thrown over a hedge. Every time they go out, these gangs have got to them. We can’t even go to the local shops, which are only two minutes away, because the kids get all their stuff taken off them.”

The younger children have attended three primary schools in the past three years as the Chapmans moved from their old home in the Walker area of the city, first to Newbiggin Hall and then, a year ago, to Kenton Bar. The couple’s 10-year-old daughter, Ryelle, said: “Every time we make new friends we just end up getting bullied and it happens every time we leave the house.”

A Newcastle City Council spokesman said that housing staff were aware of the family’s plight and were discussing it.

Mr Chapman said the council had suggested that he should dye his family’s hair, which outraged him because he had brought up his children “to be proud of themselves . . . and the way they look”. The spokesman said that the dye suggestion had initially been made by Mr Chapman and that the housing officer’s response had merely been: “You could always do that.”

and who can forget that infamous Brandon Davis video where he calls Lindsay Lohan a firecrotch? It makes no sense- it's their hair color people! and it may be the first time that people are "persecuted" for being pale and white.
It's insane and always reminds me of that Catherine Tate sketch
Justice for Gingers, Gingers for Justice!
(I may not be a Ginger on my head but I am a Ginger in my heart)

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