Thursday, February 14, 2008

Pot Calls Other Pots Black

Usually I couldn’t care less about whichever incubus* Britney has attached to her, this month being Adnan Ghalib but the..what’s the word oh yeah BLATANT HYPOCRISY in this story was just too much

as Radar put it "Suddenly, Adnan Ghalib's above the paparazzi horde that made him."
Really?! Surely you guys can find a better way to make your money"says the ex-paparrazzo who oh so recently was doing THE EXACT SAME THING

Maybe this is the way to get paparazzi to go away- if you start constantly filming their every move, but Adnan you’re not a public figure you’re a leech and you should know the parasitic rules of the game better than anyone
I’m just glad that if the 8th plague has to descend on someone they descended on you (and yes this may be the first and only time I’ll be on the side of the paparazzi, or at least the ones who know their place

*in a way it’s true- whatever Britney is going through she’s not awake and these assholes all seem to be draining her and taking everything

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