Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More Exciting Than My Valentine's Day Plans

Good luck, honey!
26 Year old girl wants to date 300 guys (in one day- it's okay she's not a slut, she's trying to set records)

Talk about making the most of your Valentine's Day. Francesca Salcido, a 26-year-old student at San Jose State, plans to do a 24-hour dating marathon on SpeedDate.com. The online video dating service sets users up on as many three-minute first dates as they can stomach, slamming another nail in the coffin of the good old-fashioned in-person blind date. But, like, is anyone going to miss it?

“I love Valentine’s Day and what better way to celebrate than to be dating all day,” Salcido said in a news release. “And who knows? Maybe I’ll find that special someone so next year I can celebrate in a more traditional way.”

The site's co-founder thinks Salcido can rack up as many as 300 dates in one 24-hour period (her current record is 100). But hold on, 300 dates x three minutes is only 15 hours -- what's she going to be doing for the other nine hours? Eating? Sleeping? Please, what kind of record attempt is this? According to Guinness online, there is not yet a world record for number of dates in a one-day period. So someone's definitely going to break it with all that extra time....

One the other hand, maybe she's budgeting some rest time in there to make sure her 300 dates are actually quality dates. Which is probably smart.

Could you imagine if, out of that 300 she actually found "her one"? That really would be one great story- though if he was like guy 183 and she felt that instantenous spark would she still go on to reach her goal or actually try to get to know him. Love or glory? Such a decision...
and I seriously doubt that falls into this category but this attempt and the efficency of "dating" 300 guys in one day remined me of the most recent ONN news broadcast

Online Dating Helping Pathetic Women Get Their Hopes Crushed More Efficiently
(and it also reminded me of my favorite reality gay couple Rob & Big and their quest to set, I think it was a total of 23 world records in one day and how, not easy but strange and specific and obscure some of these records can be)

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