Thursday, February 7, 2008

Keep the "Lights" On!

Best Week Ever has started an official petition to save one of the best shows on television "Friday Night Lights"
The text of the petition is below
And you should sign it:

In a primetime TV landscape dominated by reality shows and reheated cliche, every so often a television series of supreme quality and bold originality comes along and challenges our conception of the quality of entertainment we can expect from network television. Shows like Arrested Development, Firefly, and Freaks & Geeks, to name a few. And when these special miracles do come down from the TV heavens and find their way into the hearts of viewers hungry for programming that’s actually worthy of their precious time, the ratings-focused studio Lords who giveth always seem to taketh away.

NBC’s critically-acclaimed but woefully under-watched hour-long drama series Friday Night Lights is the next great series facing cancellation far before its time. If industry rumors are to be believed, tomorrow night’s final episode of FNL’s strike-shortened season could very well be its last, ever.

As fans of the show, and the kind of exciting television it represents, is willing to use our site as a platform to lend support to those who share our interest in keeping this vital series alive. The Dillon Panthers Booster Club be providing the Friday Night Lights fan community with regular updates on the status of the show’s fate, creating our own original content to help raise awareness about the great television so many people have been missing, and providing a place where the fans of the Dillon Panthers will have their message to NBC heard more loudly and clearly: “Keep The Lights ON!”

If you love Friday Night Lights, or haven't yet seen the show but support all TV of greater depth and quality, please sign this open petition to NBC asking that they renew Friday Night Lights for another season.

You can sign the petition here. Sign it and share it.
Do it for all that is good in the world.

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