Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Is That All ?

She’s gorgeous, like absolutely stunning, and has perfect cheek bones. I may have a girl crush.
So all this season Thirteen has been “a mystery” even down to her real name (though according to an eagle eyed watcher and contributer to Wikipedia her name is "Remy Hadley"
All we kind of know is that her mom had Huntington’s but Thirteen doesn’t want to know if she’s inherited it, well that was all we knew until last night’s episode “Don’t Ever Change” where in the most inexplicable and random outing since Serena on Law and Order Foreman kinda bluntly said something like “it’s because you’re bisexual” to which Thirteen stared in slack jawed silence for a second before hoping that “that” wouldn’t become lunchtime gossip
And all I could think, besides amusement was “is that her big secret? That she likes boys (gasp) and girls? I Hope That Wasn’t Her Big Secret” I’m sure there’s something more there but
Either way House is probably my favorite show (this side of 30 Rock and Jon & Kate Plus 8) and I keep liking it more and more, especially when they have guest stars like Sarah Silverman's sister as a Hasidic jew.

(oh and in real life Thirteen, Olivia Wilde is a blonde-how bizarre)

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