Friday, February 1, 2008

The Feel Good Story of the Season

Kevin Everett is both the most tragic and most hopeful best story of the football season. His recovery was chronicled last night on Nightline and I think on GMA this morning and it was a really really powerful program, especially considering the fact that the interview was conducted by Bob Woodruff who has had a “miraculous” recovery of his own. It made me really happy.

Nightline also talked about how doctors “used a controversial treatment on Everett which involved inducing hypothermia and injecting him with steroid” and my only question is why is it controversial and why don’t they use it regularly- I mean after saying he’d never walk again, guess what? He was walking five months later

And no this footage was not featured

(how perfect and how perfectly screwed up was that? And it was synched up so well too)

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