Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Dog Lover’s Guide to the Presidential Election

Aka “What Dogs Look Like Each Candidate”

I’m afraid of what this says about the direction of the newspaper industry but it’s still bizarre enough to be entertaining, and because I know you racked your brain thinking of this very same topic.

From the Baltimore Sun (the same newspaper currently getting shredded on The Wire”)

Today the Mutts blog brings you Part One of "The Dog Lovers' Guide to the Presidential Election," a special report that asks, and answers, the question, "If the presidential candidates were dogs, what breed would they be?"

Today, we bring you the Democratic front runners. Tomorrow, in addition to wishing you a Super Tuesday, we'll unveil the Republicans. And on Wednesday, in the belief that every candidate should get his doggie due, we'll show you the lesser-knowns and also-rans.

The decisions on which breed the individual candidates most closely resemble were based both on physical appearance and personality, and the breed descriptions and behavioral characteristics that follow all come directly and without alteration from reputable sources including the American Kennel Club, the Kennel Club in London and

This may even tell you who Mike Vick would support, if he actually voted
You can click on the link to learn more about the characteristics of each breed, and perhaps what the Mutts editors perceive in each respective candidate

On with the Dog Show:

Hillary Clinton – Labradoodle

Barack Obama - Great Dane

John McCain - Pug

Mitt Romney - Smooth Fox Terrier (this dog’s breed really sounds like the name of a pimp)

Mike Huckabee – Beagle (that description makes me think that my dog’s part beagle…who knew?)

Duncan Hunter - Standard Schnauzer

Alan Keyes - Standard Poodle

Fred Thompson - English Bulldog (I’ve always wanted a bulldog. I’d name him Winston)

Mike Gravel - Samoyed

Rudolph Giuliani - French Bulldog

John Edwards - Golden Retriever

Ron Paul - Welsh Corgi

Dennis Kucinich - Jack Russell Terrier

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