Friday, February 15, 2008

Does This Have To Do With The Fact That Hillary is Now Trailing?

though of course they'll never admit it
Fox: '24' on shelf until next January

One fallout of the Hollywood writers strike is that fans of Fox's drama "24" have to wait until next January to see Jack Bauer again.

The network has committed to air a full season on consecutive weeks and had been planning to start last month. If it had started airing new episodes soon, the season finale would not have taken place until the summer, when TV networks rarely show their high-profile programs.

Even though eight episodes for this season had already been filmed before the beginning of the writers strike, producers would have had to ramp up production soon to complete the season.

So "24" represents this television season's most prominent casualty due to the writers strike.

A January 2009 start seemed the best way to comply with viewers' wishes that a season's episodes run without interruption to conclusion, Fox said on Thursday.

I have another solution- how about you just run the show during the summer as well-plenty of consecutive weeks there.
sigh, seems like Hollywood wasn't ready for a lesbian President after all...

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