Monday, February 4, 2008

Wilbon’s Welcome Back

Watching PTI today I was happy to see that Michael Wilbon was back but especially during the following segments when Tony and Michael were discussing Bill Belichick I was really worried about how agitated, excited and angry Michael Wilbon was getting, especially for a man who had a heartache last week*.

On Belichick

On the 4th and 13 decision

On SpyGate

Pretty peeved, right? I kept wanting to tell him to breathe. And although I would’ve preferred if he had been able to stay calmer I doagree with all his point. Stay healthy Mike and don’t become too much more of a Super Fan

And on a tangentially related note Bobby Knight out of nowhere resigned today and so in his honor here are his Top 10 Soundbites as compiled by ESPN

(question: if he was The General and Coach K played for him at Army, now that Bobby retired does that mean K gets a promotion in rank?)

*and I just found out in that article that he’s married, which is kinda suprising considering the way he tends to drool on the show over the mention of attractive women

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