Thursday, February 7, 2008

We Won't Have Mitt To Kick Around Anymore

The Page at Time Magazine is reporting

Which is kind of sad, though I don't know why. Mitt Romney was always just entertaining in being just...slightly a step off. Like his name is Mitt- just kind of strange.

Anyway here are Mark Halperin's 10 Things Mitt could've done differently

1. Could have run less as a social conservative and more as a can-do technocrat.

2. Could have delivered his religion and faith speech earlier in his campaign.

3. Could have run negative ads against McCain (backlash and ire be darned).

4. Could have recognized that his biggest problem was a perceived lack of humanity, and addressed it with humor, purpose, and authenticity.

5. Could have put his wife and sons more front and center in the campaign. (just kidding)

6. Could have taken a risk and separated himself more from President Bush.

7. Could have identified Huckabee as a genuine threat before it was too late to stop the Arkansan’s momentum — in Iowa and beyond.

8. Could have consistently presented his own personality—disciplined, ambitious, take-charge, impersonal, passionate about his family and his religion—rather than tried to fit himself into a series of established Republican templates.

9. Could have insisted his warring advisers either make peace with each other or quit the campaign.

10. Could have regularly addressed one or two policy issues and/or themes that he really believed in — like change, anti-Washington, the economy.

Just a question: has there ever been a incredibly rich person who's been able to just spend their way into office? It reminds me of Michael Huffington in California's 1996 Senate Race and Steve Forbes in, was it 2000?
Money is power but money can't necessarily buy power.
Boy I bet he wishes he could get drunk right now.
(which sparked another question: what do Mormons do to just "kill the pain" or go wild? I wonder about these things)

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