Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wait, Where Were We?

It seems that after 100 days of striking the writers' whose glorious return to work was yesterday seem to have forgotten one teensy little thing- what exactly they were working on in those long ago days

From the New York Times

As 10 writers for the hit CBS drama “NCIS” returned to work Wednesday following a 100-day strike, Shane Brennan, the show’s writer-producer, asked a question that drew blank stares. “Can anyone remember what we were working on three months ago?”

Mr. Brennan was not alone in asking the question. Similar scenes played out in dozens of writers’ conference rooms in New York and the Los Angeles area as the entertainment industry — and particularly the television business — sought to jump-start production. The strike, which was formally called off Tuesday night by the Writers Guild of America, had halted production of 46 one-hour dramas and 17 comedies.

Mr. Brennan, whose show is watched by about 18 million viewers each week, instructed nine writers seated around a large table to forget the various plots they had been working on before the walkout. “All we’re going to do is waste a day trying to remember it,” he said. He added with a chuckle, “While I sound like I know what I’m talking about, and that I have a plan, I really am making this up as I go.”

Hmm, you know I had never thought about this possibility. I mean being writers couldn't they have just written or taking notes during the last couple of writing sessions or maybe watch the show to jog their memory? Though forgetting the plot and potential story arcs maybe a good thing for some of those shows who had a story that was just annoying and made no sense- reinvention is always good..

Anyway in case you were wondering, as I was what the "tentative" terms of the deal were exactly here's a handy pdf from the LA Times

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