Friday, February 8, 2008

Vanity Fair Presents…

Alfred Hitchcock’s classic scenes recreated for VF’s Hollywood Issue

You can see all the homages here but these are the ones I really liked
I really like the Charlize Theron “Dial M for Murder” (for comparison’s sake)
Jennifer Jason Leigh/ Keira Knightley “Rebecca” (though this is the iconic image from the fim)

and Marion Cotillard’s Psycho shower scene
but one that really just puzzled me and seemed so comical is Seth Rogen as Cary Grant in the famous cornfield scene from north By Northwest.
Maybe my memory is spotty but I don’t remember Cary having a belly like that

(p.s.what a phenomenal trailer! They really don’t make them like that anymore)
My only question is who they would have chosen to recreate Rope

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