Sunday, February 17, 2008

Paul Shaffer Is A Little Creepy

this secret was posted on, er PostSecret this morning

I think I originally misread that as “I have an irrational fear” (maybe because that picture was frightening) but that misreading got me thinking that yeah, Paul is really creepy and I may be afraid of, or hate him myself.
But he's definitely creepy

Um…what about Cher’s muff?

Or with this wow! inappropriate question to Julia Roberts

But about the hatred maybe whoever sent in that secret, maybe it’s not that irrational maybe she’s just from St. Petersburg and she has to stand up for the homestead

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1 comment:

olaola said...

What amazes me is that a four year old post is the top Google result (and almost the only one)when searching for "Paul Shaffer creepy" He IS creepy!