Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Jenny and the Queen


So recently I’ve been noticing a lot of those Jenny Craig commercials featuring Queen Latifah where she talks about how “so many people are supporting me in my” trying to lose weight with Jenny and that got me thinking- what exactly does it say that Queen Latifah whose girlfriend (I mean really close friend) Jeanette Jenkins is a personal trainer and fitness expert and yet she’s hawking a different approach to weight loss and claiming that it’s working for her?
(is there trouble in The Queen’s castle?)

I know that not everyone can afford to be dating (I mean be friends with and a client of) a personal trainer and so this is accessible to more people (who can afford $61 a pound! ) but…wouldn’t that maybe perhaps in some people’s minds (like mine) kind of be a criticism of the efficacy of The Hollywood Trainer 21 Day Weight Loss Plan?
I don't know but between Jenny and Jeanette I'd have to go with Jeanette- I mean look how intense and focused she looks

*in case you can't read what the Queen had to say about Jeanette's workout plan here's the text
"I'm very excited that Jeanette decided to put together the Hollywood Trainer series because it will give more people a chance to benefit from her workouts. There are a lot of people out there who want to adopt a healthy lifestyle but they don't know how to do it. Jeanette's program will show them how."
"For me personally, traveling as much as I do, I can't take Jeanette everywhere with me. Now, I can take Jeanette on the road with me in a series of tapes and get the same results that I would get if I was working out in a gym with her."

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