Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy President's Day!!

Loudon Wainwright III-Presidents'Day recorded in 2004 for that election but finally its last lines have to come true!

We got through Christmas and Thanksgiving too
Halloween wasn't hard - you don't have to be you
But it's there on the calendar just a few days away
The date I dread in Feb. is Presidents' Day

Sent out some Valentines - and I got back a few
This month has 29 days "whoopdeedoo!"
I'm not even religious but I'm gonna pray
That this year we make it through Presidents' Day

George was the first one - Abe was the best
Libraries and airports named after the rest
But this year I'm queasy about Presidents' Day
For there's been more than one George I'm sorry to say

In the paper it says there's a sale and you know
It's "10% off" so we all oughta go
Get us a good deal the American way
But my country's a mystery on Presidents' Day

You sure gotta wonder what these guys are for
With their tax cuts and their budgets... how they took us to war
Gotta love a long weekend - sure that's safe to say
But for me it's Blue Monday on Presidents' Day

George was the father - Abe set 'em free
That's the reason that he got shot obviously
And November is coming and the 2nd's the day
Please no more of George is all I have to say

And Christmas is coming and Thanksgiving too
And I'll be 58 - yeah it's sad but it's true
And next year at this time I sure hope I can say
I feel a lot better about Presidents' Day
(with no George in the White House - Oh Happy Day!)

No George in the White House next President's Day!!!

Loudon Wainwright III- Presidents' Day [download]

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