Monday, February 4, 2008

"Ha! My Ex-Wife Can't Take This Away From Me"

I'm predicting a flood of endorsements coming Michael Strahan's way any second now. I mean that is a great great smile. And what probably made that moment better for Michael was not the fact that he almost retired before this most unlikely of seasons, or that he accomplished his life long dream but rather the fact that his ex-wife can get none of anything that's coming to him.

(p.s. how much must it suck to be Tiki Barber right now? You play a long and decent career but retire partially because you think the coach is mean, only to speak out against your former team, have them come together in hatred of you, see the coach become more light hearted and, oh yeah, win a Super Bowl something that many of the Giants thought they could never win with you on the team.)

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