Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Another Elizabeth II found within Republican Ranks

aka another old queen

One of GweeB’s appointments to the Federal bench announced his resignation effective April 1st by telephone in the Caribbean after being arrested for a DUI last week
Oh and he was wearing a black cocktail dress and fishnets

Robert Somma told police he had been at the Breezeway Pub where he had one gin and tonic about two hours earlier, the police report reveals. He later said he drank two gin and tonics.

The Breezeway Pub, at 14 Pearl St., bills itself as “New Hampshire’s favorite gay and alternative bar,” according to its web site.

The arresting officer reported Somma smelled of alcohol, slurred his speech and fell backwards against the door frame while getting out of his car.

Live Free or die, I guess
There’s nothing more to the story really but public shaming seems to be appropriate in this case and I’m proud I live in a country where judges are probably wearing matching bra and panties underneath their robes. I can only hope in Barack's New America they may do it more freely

I usually only like to make forward of conservatives who are busted in… let’s say hypocritical situations so while I don’t know anything about Somma’s record on the bench since he was a GweeB appointee I have to assume the worst and assuming he’s homophobic and yada and throw up this mug shot

And since he was a Bankruptcy judge I can’t tell if he necessarily was self hating or Larry Craigesque but here are some of his opinions to look over

These kind of situations must always be awkward if you're the wife

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