Tuesday, June 19, 2007

William and Harry

I watched Matt Lauer's interview with William and Harry Windsor last night . I actually was looking forward to it for some time. When it was first announced and the played a snippet I realizied that that was the first time I had ever heard either of them speak. It always seemed like with their incredible visibility and very public lives and the fact I know so much about them that I would have heard them or know what they sounded like. It's so weird to think that all of that time, to me at least, they were silent, they were images and may as well have been pictures. But during the interview last night the thing that struck me the most is how normal they seemed. The idea of normal was one that was mentioned alot in the interview and they aren't normal to most people (there was a story on the Today show with one of their bodyguards about William's first day of school. Apparently one of his school chums asked him "Is it true you know the Queen?" To which William responded "Don't you mean granny?" I just thought it was adorable and also illustrates the difference between being born into such a life.) but they sounded and looked just like anyone already our age. And you could tell how close the brothers were, teasing each other (there was one quick aside that I loved last night. Matt Lauer was asking William about his nickname Wombat and Harry sort of leaned over a little bit shocked but defineitly amused and asked his brother laughingly "how does he know that?" William who was in the middle of answering quickly told Harry "everyone knows that" and it was such a normal thing that made them real. I loved it.) And to their friends they get treated the same as well which is good, like when they're out drinking, or William has to go to market and go on the beer run for his barracks. But of course they can't ever be normal, not when the thought of Harry deploying to Iraq made insurgents promise to not kill him but "return him to his grandmother without ears" and there is no way that William could ever be put into a war zone. He is the future of the monarchy.
Of course everything they do is so well documented and photographed and this will be their lives for ever. They were born princes, prominent in line to the most famous throne in the world, and until the day they die they will be princes (or in William's case King- I wonder what name he'll choose) and photographed and discussed every step or misstep of the way. That life definitely has its privileges of course, but it still is a hard one. Privacy is such an accepted and regular part of all our lives that we never think about what it would be like to lose it, and often refuse to pity those who are famous. I'm not sure if I could do it. I'd love to be royalty but I'd rather be a little further down the line of succesion. I'd be happy being Zara Phillips or even Alexandra Knatchbull, number 443
Another thing that surprised me was the fact they are so young. I just assumed that William was like 27 just because he is one of those people that have been around and famous forever. I didn't realize he's my age. And of course if it were to ever happen or be a possibilty he would be my choice (who doesn't want to be a princess :). A lot of my girlfriends prefer Harry and he is quite attractive, but maybe it was the light last night, or he was sunburned but Harry was really red and his face was the same color as his hair, which is not a turn on. Plus William has a better voice. And plus Harry is still somewhat naive, or maybe indifferent, or maybe just needs a better history lesson but whatever. They are still young.
It would be a ton of fun to go out to a pub with them though; i'd get the wankers good and pissed.

Oh while we're discussing children who will never have a normal life but would be cool to hang out with, congratulations Tiger! and welcome to a pretty sweet life Sam Alexis!

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