Monday, June 18, 2007

Things to Do this Week

Find someone who will hire me
Learn HTML, I'm assuming that'll involve some book (ugh)
Get an LSAT study guide (ugh once more)
Tell Kobe to shut up (and if need be, vacation in Colorado)
Get a cute bathing suit (definitely two piece)
Relax at Hermosa (preferably with a mojito)
Find a bra (that fits properly)
Go to Amoeba and buy The Fragile Army (by the Polyphonic Spree)
While I'm there buy Icky Thump (by the White Stripes)
Denounce professional basketball (see item number 3)
See the John Butler Trio on Friday (at the Wiltern)
Watch the Dodgers beat the Blue Jays or the Devil Rays (though the Dodgers will romp either way)
Do the L.A. Film Festival (starting on Thursday)
Take up smoking (win the U.S. Open eventually)

I'll tell you how everything pans out

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