Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Overheard in L.M.E.- Creating a Society

ev livid e : ah well ok fine. because you're in the eu aka tcfysfo
a dam e : exactly
a dam e : did you think of something snobby in french?
ev livid e: no but i can make up something
a dam e : i wouldn't know the diff
ev livid e: versailles- thats snobby as shit
ev livid e: something relating to nobility
ev livid e : something hunt club
ev livid e : like boca, but french
a dam e : how do you say " better than you" in french?
ev livid e : meilleur que toi
ev livid e : thats too loong and reminds me of grammar
a dam e : Meileur
ev livid e : meilleur?
ev livid e : or pompidou? i like saying pompidou
a dam e : what is pompidou
ev livid e : the pompidou center?
a dam e : never heard of it
ev livid e : modern art, its a ridiculous looking building
ev livid e : ok ixnay that
a dam e : i hate modern art
ev livid e : i do too
ev livid e : ok this is not helping. whats something elite
ev livid e : elite food
a dam e : The Meliour {REDACTED}
a dam e : like a preppy elite {REDACTED} or something
ev livid e : meilleur
ev livid e : ahhh
ev livid e : Le Meilleur {REDACTED}
a dam e : i like something along those lines
ev livid e: i like it too
ev livid e : it should be written in cursive
a dam e : definetly
ev livid e : we should make a seal
a dam e : we should get it embroderied on sweaters
ev livid e : i would so wear that sweater. what colors
a dam e : so would i
ev livid e : gold and dark red?
a dam e : hmm
ev livid e : or is that too gryffindor
a dam e : a bit too harry potter
ev livid e : gold and dark blue?
ev livid e : or too duke?
ev livid e : man, we need to invent our own colors
a dam e : we should investigate more but we're making progress
ev livid e : yes. at least we have a name, and we know how we're going to market ourselves a la sweaters and knit scarves too please?
a dam e : we don't need to market ourselves
ev livid e : true
a dam e : cuz we're too good to let anyone else buy in
ev livid e: exactly. so no one else can be in it? is this just us two?
ev livid e : if we let too many people in, it wouldn't be elite
ev livid e : it would be le shit school
a dam e : exactly
a dam e : wait check this
ev livid e : so its a secret?
a dam e : we'll wear the sweaters but if people ask
a dam e : we'll say " oh it's not for you too know"
a dam e : all snooty
ev livid e: ahaha!
a dam e :
ev livid e : and you have to wave your hand off at them and stick your nose up
a dam e : that i can do
ev livid e : i am also good on stomping
ev livid e : as in making people feel little
ev livid e : i don't know why i typed stomping it made no sense. but its a fun word
a dam e : ev the crusher
ev livid e : we need something to be our mascot
ev livid e : we need something elite
ev livid e : whats elite
a dam e : peacock
ev livid e : a jaguar
a dam e : leopard
ev livid e : hmmm...i like these printed animals
ev livid e : i don't like birds
ev livid e : whats a badass elite animal
a dam e : i don't like ugly birds
ev livid e : me neither
a dam e : a bengal tiger
ev livid e : and nothing dead too like the dodo
a dam e : peacocks are pretty tho
ev livid e : (bythe way have you noticed how ridiclous this conversation is? i love it!)
a dam e : (this is why i love you ev!)
ev livid e : awww! heart! hugs!
ev livid e : actually no, that doesn't sound elite
ev livid e : how do you express such feelings in an elite manner?
a dam e : with reserved emotions and refrain
ev livid e : i tip my peacock embroidred cashmere knit cap at you
a dam e : like in a victorian novel
ev livid e : ic an't read. aha. yes i can. but i've never read a victorian novel
ev livid e : it sounds like too much lace
a dam e : very victorian refined and british
ev livid e : ooooh we don't have to be a {REDACTED}
ev livid e : we can be a chateau
ev livid e : wait that wouldn't relaly make sense. carry on
a dame e : yeah i still like {REDACTED}
ev livid e : maybe we can have diff colored sweaters for diff seasons
a dam e : different fashions for differnt seasons
ev livid e : yes!
ev livid e: we should bring back ruffles
a dam e : umm
ev livid e : i don't know how, but i intend to finda way
ev livid e : oooh {REDACTED} thats a lovely lovely blue
ev livid e : we could do that and {REDACTED}
a dam e : that could work
ev livid e
: its a very french/pastelly colour yes?
a dam e : which is sorta what we're going for
ev livid e : excellent.
ev livid e : so the sweater will be that color
ev livid e : what color pants? white?
ev livid e : and in the usmmer
a dam e : what about after labor day?
ev livid e : i don't believe in that rule because we are elite
ev livid e : and we can do whatever we please
a dam e : our theme is {REDACTED}
ev livid e : yes!
ev livid e : and we have hot swiss chocolate every morning at 10
a dam e : we'll base on fashion choices around that
a dam e : this is fabulous
ev livid e : i love this so much!
ev livid e : and we need a motto you know latin
a dam e : both things we can work on
ev livid e : something really badass snobby
a dam e :yeah, but at least we found a name
ev livid e : l_ m_ e_
ev livid e
: can we have a mission statement that is different from a motto
ev livid e : and we need a seal. and a crest.
a dam e : a peacock is good cuz they're really proud animals
ev livid e : male peacock. the female peacock is brown
ev livid e : which clashes with our sweater colour choice
ev livid e : i like the pastel blue and silver a lot
a dam e : i guess peacock is only good for an all boys school
ev livid e : its so pastoral
ev livid e : its ok. it can be a gender confused peacock
a dam e : hahaha
ev livid e : oooh and we need a song
ev livid e : oh so much to do
ev livid e : and we need stationary
a dam e : a song?
ev livid e : hmmm, lets not write the song
a dam e : unless its an alma mater
a dam e : is the stationary going to be more cute or more official
ev livid e : official, the seal /crest will be on top: and it won't be lined
ev livid e : but it will have a watermark and we need business cards too
a dam e : of course
ev livid e : like american psycho
a dam e : hahah
ev livid e : we have a lot to do
ev livid e : and business card holders with our initials engraved. silver of course.
a dam e : we do indeed; i was happy with the sweaters
ev livid e : well i like doing the whole kit 'n kaboodle
a dam e : and i appreciate the vision
ev livid e : so we tell no one about this ok?
ev livid e : no one. not a soul. this is elite.
ev livid e : lite being the key word
a dam e : our lips are sealed
a dam e : no fat
ev livid e : because we are elite
ev livid e : as in elite modeling agency wants us
ev livid e : but we're too elite
a dam e : hahah; exactly
a dam e : our official drink will be a wine
ev livid e : a very old one that dates back to louis 14th
ev livid e : man, i didn't know creating a society would be so much work
a dam e : 'tis
a dam e : we have time
ev livid e : because we CONTROL time

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