Thursday, June 21, 2007

Why Renee, Why?

Ugh, do guys really prefer size 0 Renee? I mean she's young, successful and beautiful yet she's still starving herself down to nothing. Why? (and Sarah Jessica could use a sandwich herself.) This pressure to be thin, not even thin really more like (only) skin is insidious and insane, and as I'm sure you know its everywhere and I mean everywhere. But why do sucessful women still fall prey to it, and why do guys wanna screw a skeleton? I mean she was so gorgeous and sexy (look at her Bridget Jones costume) I mean c'mon. Now she looks as flat as me. And young girls will look at these celebrities and think that is how they must look and then the whole damn deadly cycle will continue. A fuckin' patriarchal society. I am totally disgusted by the whole thing. I'm just hoping that somehow this obsession comes to an end, and maybe recent trends will continue. I think I'm going to have some ice cream in support.

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