Wednesday, June 20, 2007

OMG! The Mayor of NYC left the GOP!

The media has been all over themselves the past day over the fact the Michael Bloomberg is leaving the Republican party (I shouldn't have to post anything- if you've been alive you've heard about it.) The speculation is, of course, that he's positioning himself to make a run for the Presidency as an independent. They're saying that he won't formally announce until the start of next year, I guess in an attempt to avoid voter fatigue, and to bring a spark of excitement to a race at a point when the other candidates will be beaten down, tired and old news. Apparently this election's crop of choices is so uninspiring (what about Barack,eh?) that unknown me automatically shoot into contention in like every hypothetical poll. Of course this won't last and the vague allure of mystery will neccesarily fade once these people have to articulate what they believe in and what they would do.
Bloomberg is obviously a great business man (would he have to sell his stake in Bloomberg if elected?), fabulously wealthy, in fact wealthy enough to drop a billion and not even feel it, and New Yorkers love him(70% of them in fact) and say he's doing a fabulous job. But its not like he was a die hard Republican to begin with and New York is not Peoria (good ol' Peoria; always used to represent the Midwest).
From all I know about the guy I like what he's done and what he's about (of course I'm a transsexual socialist from L.A.) I just have a very difficult time believing the South and the Heartland will vote a short, billionaire Jew from New York as President. He'll of course play well on the Coasts but look at how much shit Romney has to put up with. And he is playing up his "I love Jesus" card. I guess I don't truly believe in the sophistication, tolerance and acceptance of a large part of our populace. It's sad really.
And if somehow this election is a lot closer than I anticipate, he could play too much of a spoiler and cost the Good Guys the election. Just like this a**hole (ugh). So Mike I wish you wouldn't run but if you do good luck (just as long as you don't screw over my boys...or Hillary)
I could, however, get behind his potential running mate (I've never seen a sexier man from Nebraska ::swoon::)

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