Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What the Hell, Britannia?

This is the "Ultimate British Male Face" and all I will see is ew, ew, ew

I lied- I have more to say. First, I didn't know the British were into the debonair zombie crackhead look. Secondly this composites always turn out horrifying; it like the sum is never the equal of the parts and a lot of times it seems like a pretty cheap and easy way to fill an article or blog quota (hello!) But in this case, according to the daily mail, the parts were the results of a survey asking which british star had the best eyes, lips, etc blah blah.
And what makes this even stranger/ disappointing is that that "thing" is the result of

not a bad looking bunch at all. Though i was thinking about it and Beckham is still gorgeous and totally missing and of course the smoldering wonderfulness of Clive Owen

yeah.....wait, what was I going on about?

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