Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Iron Maiden Can't Be Serious...

...can they? They "got it" and were just kind of goofing on the whole "satanic heavy metal band" right? Because I just saw their video for "The Number of The Beast" on VH1's beyond positive superlatives "2009 for 2009" marathon (they're on the "The"s and it seriously made me LOL. I mean, watch it for yourself- it's probably my new favorite video

After seeing that I actually thought for a second that their whole career had been an elaborate performance art piece where they were "Spinal Tap" before "Spinal Tap." Seriously what was up with that dancing couple just waltzing on stage? or the whole 5.99 costumed red devil? That weird sea creature-thing? Godzilla?!?! They must've been the most random band ever; what fun, what fun

God I love it! (and what a good song). I have a feeling they put on an absolutely amazing live show- where's my time machine when I need it?

[ADDENDUM: According to Wikipedia, and I quote,"When the music video was first shown on MTV, Eddie's appearance at the end was edited out after complaints from frightened viewers." Who were these viewers? I mean seriously? Were the 80s that "innocent" and "peaceful" a time that a cartoonishly grotesque stitled costumed guy would terrify you? Hopefully such people were done away with in the Great Idiot Purge of 1995, though I doubt it.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dude, Iron Maiden is in the middle of an 18 month tour of the world where they have played to more people than they ever have before.

They are still today, in 2009, one of the biggest bands in the world.

Look it up.