Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lightning Jacq Strikes Again

and I pride myself on being so observant, tsk tsk (like a few months ago when The Mentalist was promoting its premiere I immediately had the sensation that I'd seen that story ago, as if "The Mentalist" was just a serious "Psych." Of course since I was in my weird blogging phase I dind't write down that thought as soon as it came to me so there's no proof of my automatic genius..darn)
But anyway ESPN is showing the Duke vs Florida State game and like any good alumna I'm watching because I heart Duke (and Florida State always seems to play us hard which is incredibly annoying; almost as annoying as the fans who are sitting behind the broadcast team and doing things obnoxious college fans should be doing, though I real wish they would just stfu and sit the f*ck down) when they showed one of those famous, and apparently mesmerizing UPS White Board commercials.
you know the ones:

And upon my approximately 15,ooo viewing of one of those commercials it dawned on me: how ironic that UPS a main rival and kind of an improvement of the postal service would have as the theme to its main marketing campaign, and has become rather connected to them, a song by The Postal Service. Wow I am so fracking smart. And yeah I really do think.

At least I think it's ironic- it might just be coincidence- I never can tell.

(maybe this is the difference; coincidence is when a clown dies on his birthday- irony is when the clown dies at your birthday party? because by dying, the clown, which is supposed to make you happy, instead makes you sad, right? i think that goes along with a definition of irony I read someplace where irony is where the intended meaning is the opposite of the real or literal meaning...or I may have just made that up, but it seems to make sense)

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