Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Reviews Are In...

Have you guys seen the trailer for The Unborn? well if not, I congratulate and envy you but here it is because misery loves company and all that jazz

Do you think critics are allowed to make "edgy" somewhat offensive jokes? Because if so I have a feeling I know what most reviews will be like-a litany of abortion jokes (from everyone except for Shawn Edwards and Peter Hammonds, of course)

"The best case I've come across for being pro-choice"
"After seeing this movie I had a silphium salad, just to be sure
"Where's my hanger?
"I think upon seeing this movie Henry Wade changed his mind"

P.S. What is Gary Oldman doing in that movie? Gary, you're better than that? Michael Bay- that I can understand.

ugh- i'm so rusty with being witty in these posts...i'll get there.

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