Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Reach For The Stars...and Lasso The Moon

Say what you will about North Korea (China's smelly armpit) and about their leader Kim Jong Il (short, megalomaniacal, dead) you've got to give them credit; even with all their terrestrial problems they're still aiming high and reaching big, if this report from The ONN International is to be believed.

Kim Jong Il Announces Plan To Bring Moon To North Korea

Remarkable...remember when Kennedy pledged that we would reach the moon in a decade, and then GWeeB announced that we would use the moon as a base from which we would more easily be able to invade Mars?(that happened right? the eight years have been a terrible blur of...) [Wow; it really did. what a frackin' fever dream that administration was] Well Kim just put them all to shame; talk about inspiration and hope and blah blah barack.

I suppose the only thing that should be surprising about this is that Kim Jong is such a romantic- after all it's well known he's a movie buff, but who knew he'd be inspired by one of the better scenes (evah) to craft a space policy for the glory of his country...tear

I guess Kim isn't a Bette Davis fan, after all he had the stars and still asked for the moon... (my affection for totalitarianism is beginning to frighten even me)

p.s. barack is totally a lizard and a sham- if the russians say it, it must be true!

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