Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ad diction: Bad Howie

I really need to think of a name name for these things.
Anyway Tim, from Tim's Take, and a wonderful facebook/internet friend (who has a blog that is so much better than mine I must hate him for it; i forgot about that) mentioned this in a status a few days back and it was so funny because I had been thinking the exact same thing the first time I saw this commercial and as it has been played incessantly I'm sure you've seen it as well. It's Howie Mandel for

Yeah, just like Tim thought that is pretty racy to be playing at basically all hours of the day. But another thing about that commercial that gets to me as I see it 4 or 5 times a day is that fact that Howie is pretty OCD and germophobic and so a) I couldn't imagine him going through someone else's lunch and eating it, and b) and probably more obviously I'm not sure he'd have sex with a stranger in a cubicle during the middle of the day, especially considering how on Deal or No Deal he can't shake the contestant's hands but rather greets them with a pound.

Sigh, the more you know....the more your enjoyment of things decreases...
But in honor of Howie here's his first TV appearance

Oh god; he was zany-ugh. was that ever funny?

This is much much better

Ah! Howie's funny!!! And dirty!!!

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