Thursday, February 5, 2009

Maybe Change Has Actually Come

to me at least; I've stopped caring about the greater world.
But anyway when I heard the news that Justice Ginsburg just underwent surgery for pancreatic cancer my first thought (I hope actually) was "oh I hope she's alright."
But my second thought was "if she has t leave the court for whatever reason at least we have the right type of person in office to replace her." (my third thought was "and hopefully he can find a qualified woman to be seated, and not just as a token gesture.)

Because like most of you who would read this blog (I'd hope, though I think people misconstrued my anti-Obama screeds, y'know like comparing him to Hitler or GWeeb, as a sign that I'm a conservative. No, not at all.) for the last eight years everytime I would think about how old some of the justices were, or one would retire or die or even get sick, I would get sick a little myself because really the most lasting thing a president can do is his (or hopefully in the future her) Supreme Court Appointment and know I don't have to worry about that for hopefully the next 4 years.
So even though I still don't like Barack (I've tried to try) he at least may serve my purposes over the next few years and so there might be some worth in him after all. (b

But most importantly get well soon Ruth! and good luck

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