Wednesday, February 4, 2009

And So It Begins

Sorry fans of humanity, and freedom, and the freedom of humanity; the machines have learned to evolve.
(i mean i seriously can't be the only person who has any sci fi movie of the last 30 years)

we know that robots are now made to look like us, and to think (and of course who can forget the sex robots) but now...
from the New Scientist

Unnatural selection: Robots start to evolve

LIVING creatures took millions of years to evolve from amphibians to four-legged mammals - with larger, more complex brains to match. Now an evolving robot has performed a similar trick in hours, thanks to a software "brain" that automatically grows in size and complexity as its physical body develops.
The robot is controlled by a neural network - software that mimics the brain's learning process. This comprises a set of interconnected processing nodes which can be trained to produce desired actions. For example, if the goal is to remain balanced and the robot receives inputs from sensors that it is tipping over, it will move its limbs in an attempt to right itself. Such actions are shaped by adjusting the importance, or weighting, of the input signals to each node. Certain combinations of these sensor inputs cause the node to fire a signal - to drive a motor, for example. If this action works, the combination is kept. If it fails, and the robot falls over, the robot will make adjustments and try something different next time."
awesome. I'll admit I didn't understand most of this article (science...head....owww) but I think i picked up the salient points, aka: "humanity will soon be enslaved and destroyed by robots, our own creations."
But seriously, when will people (scientists, mostly scientists) learn: robots are not our friends*. Ugh I sound like Lt. Gaeta.
screw it, i'm moving to mongolia; i've always wanted to and plus that has to be like the last places the robots will attempt to conquer.

*except for Wall-E. Wall-E is awesome. oh and Johnny 5 is pretty cool too; i wonder if they're related

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