Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sprout and the Bean

I really like Joanna Newsom, you might not but I do but we can still be friends. Anyway I like Joanna Newsom but I don't remember haring her "Sprout and the Bean" until I saw The Strangers and it was featured in one of the better and creepier uses of music in film that I can recall. I recommend seeing it because while I didn't "like it" because it's not a "feel good movie" by any means it was really effective and scarier just because unlike most horror movies for almost half the movie I couldn't nitpick with any of their decisions as they did everything that I would've done in that situation (y'know, besides moving to a house in the middle of nowhere to begin with)
But anyway the reason this is here is because I've had the song stuck in my head all day (especially the chorus; it's kind of haunting) and thus so should you, have it stuck in your head that is. Here's the video

and the lyrics

I slept all day
awoke with distaste
and I railed,
and I raved

That the difference between
the sprout and the bean
is a golden ring,
it is a twisted string.
And you can ask the counselor;
you can ask the king;
and they'll say the same thing;
and it's a funny thing:

Should we go outside?
Should we go outside?
Should we break some bread?
Are y'interested?

And as I said,
I slept as though dead
dreaming seamless dreams of lead.

When you go away,
I am big-boned and fey
in the dust of the day,
in the dirt of the day.

and Danger! Danger! Drawing near them was a white coat,
and Danger! Danger! drawing near them was a broad boat,
And the water! water! running clear beneath a white throat,
and the hollow chatter of the talking of the Tadpoles,

who know th'outside!
Should we go outside?
Should we break some bread?
Are y'interested?

and your copy, for the taking
Sprout and The Bean [mp3]

And in answer to your question- don't go outside; it's probably nasty out there.

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