Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sexman Is Not a Fan of 50 Cent

Oh Sexman. What are your thoughts on the recording artist known as 50 Cent (but known to his momma as Curtis)?

Some thoughts on this latest GangBang production (which I'm sure must already be trademarked by some porn company):

  • Sexman is obviously racist- he prefers Eminem to 50 Cent
  • 3 guys couldn’t do any “gangsta shit”- brilliant! I wonder if Sexman is down with Black Wall Street
  • “Party in the club, blah blah blah”-I don’t know..with a nice enough beat that could be huge
  • NaS is wrong- as long as Sexman lives then Hip Hop will Never Die

but yes I agree Sexman, 50 Cent’s career does seem to be going up in smoke, though to be fair it'll probably just meet Eminem's there in the ether


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