Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Do You Hear That, Mr. Anderson?

That is the sound of inevitability.
And as much as I would like it to, the Edwards- Obama thing really isn't going to matter. Will this be the first election decided a year before votes are cast? It might be- Hillary Clinton's poll numbers are staggering: (from the Washington Post)

Clinton has opened up a whopping 53 percent to 20 percent lead over Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.) in the Democratic presidential primary fight with former Sen. John Edwards (N.C.) even farther behind with 13 percent.
Women continue to be the bedrock of Clinton's campaign strength; she takes 57 percent among women compared to 15 percent for Obama and 13 percent for Edwards. But, among men, too, her numbers have ticked up considerably and she now leads Obama 48 percent to 26 percent.

Her numbers have also grown among self-identifying Democrats and Democratic leaning Independents. Among the former group, Clinton is now at 56 percent -- a ten point increase from the Post's early September poll -- while among the latter her number has increased 16 points to 46 percent.

Clinton is ahead among every age group (55+ voters is where she runs strongest with 60 percent support), in every region of the country (65 percent in the Northeast) and at every education level (high school or less 59 percent). White voters favor Clinton 52 percent to 17 for Obama and 16 percent for Edwards; black voters go for Clinton over Obama 51 percent to 38 percent.

Voters who say "strength and experience" is the more important factor in their vote -- not surprisingly -- go for Clinton with 62 percent while Edwards takes second with 14 percent and Obama places third with nine percent. But, even among those who say "new direction and new ideas" is more important to them, a group that, in theory, should be Obama's base, Clinton leads 45 percent to 31 percent.
She holds commanding leads when Democratic voters are asked who in the field is the "strongest leader" (61 percent for Clinton, 20 percent for Obama, 13 percent for Edwards) or who has the best chance of winning the White House next November (57 Clinton, 20 Edwards, 16 Obama).

Which candidate is best able to reduce partisanship in Washington? Clinton takes 42 percent to 24 percent for Edwards and 20 percent for Obama. The candidate who best reflects the "core values" of the party? Fifty percent for Clinton, 21 percent for Edwards, 18 percent for Obama. How about the "most inspiring" candidate? Clinton leads Obama 41 percent to 37 percent while Edwards lags with 14 percent.

She's also leading the other candidates in the MILF Hunter demographic and with submissive BDSM practitioners . The LA Times kind of indicated that the only area she would not do well is with Western types which is causing some consternation and concern of a backlash against area Dems.

Well I for one welcome our Estrogen Overlord even if she does have a rather pronounced cackle. How often really do you hear a president laugh? they're supposed to be serious and stern and focused, but either way it's better than however Gweeb shows humorous enjoyment. I think I'd be happy, or at least okay with Madame President- who else could inspire a Nutcracker? (i want one..if only I liked nuts)
I think we've all figured out what Hillary was doing on those lonely nights in the Governor's Mansion when Bill was away "working"

I have no doubt she could give Xenia Onatopp some competition.

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